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Board Game Night and Board Game Club


Date: Officially every Wednesday, but open play all week! The first Board Game Night starts Wenesday June 12th!


We are excited to announce our new Board Game Night! Our official Board Game Night will be every Wednesday. However, any one is welcome to bring their own board game and play at any time. We will also be starting a new Board Game Club.


SG Board Game Club

Enrollment begins June 12th

Fees: $10 for 2 months

We will intially have ten board games available to all members to check-out and play at their leisure.  New board games will be added perodically and members will be able to vote on which games will be added. Any member may check out a game to be played in the store at any point during the week. Players must be enrolled in the SG Board Game Club to check-out or play games from the Super Games Board Game Library. You will also be added to a private facebook group where you can discuss board games with other members and create times to meet up and play. Members will also get a 20% discount on any board game. The list of intial games offered are below.


List of games:

Ticket to Ride: Europe

Small World

Puerto Rico


Settlers of Catan

Power Grid



7 wonders


Added in June:


Starwars The Card Game