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Begone, Knave! - GLD2-EN047 - Common - Limited Edition

YuGiOh GLDX Gold Series Gold Series 2 Begone, Knave! - GLD2-EN047 - Common - Limited Edition


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Extra Info

Card Number: GLD2-EN047
Card Type: Continuous Trap
Set: Gold Series 2
Monster Type:
Rarity: Common
Passcode: 20374520
Card Text: If a monster inflicts Battle Damage to a player, return the monster to its owner's hand.
Attribute: Trap
Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. If 'Gemini Elf' attacks a Defense Position 'Battle Footballer', and 'Gemini Elf''s controller takes 200 damage, then 'Begone, Knave!''s effect will send 'Battle Footballer' back to its owner's hand. The effect of 'Begone, Knave!' can be on a chain. The effect of 'Begone, Knave!' is applied to the monster that inflicts Battle Damage to the player, so if 'Amazoness Swords Woman' battles a stronger monster, 'Amazoness Swords Woman' would normally be returned to the owner's hand, but because she is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, she will not be returned. [Re: Chainsaw Insect] If 'Chainsaw Insect' battles, your opponent draws 1 card even if 'Chainsaw Insect' is destroyed as a result of the battle, or is removed from the field before the end of the Damage Step (for example, by the effect of 'Man-Eater Bug' or 'Begone, Knave!'). [Re: Cold Wave] The Trigger Effects of Spell and Trap Cards, like 'Begone, Knave!' or 'Card of Safe Return', cannot activate while 'Cold Wave's' effect is applied. [Re: Dark Lucius LV8] 'Dark Lucius LV8' must be on the field in order to negate a monster's effect and remove it from play. If 'Dark Lucius LV8' is returned to the hand because of 'Begone, Knave!', it does not negate effects or remove monsters from play. [Re: Zoma the Spirit] If 'Skull Zoma' inflicts damage to your opponent's Life Points while 'Begone, Knave!' is active, it will return to your hand. If 'Makyura the Destructor's' effect was activated during the same turn, it can be activated from the hand and Special Summoned. If 'Final Attack Orders' is also active, it will be shifted into Attack Position and can then attack again during the same Battle Phase.
Name: Begone, Knave!
Edition: Limited
Pendulum Scale:


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